New Work





I walked along the beach, the moon was high, it felt good

A show about "natural" time, ebb and flow, what gets caught in between and how to retain meaning.







A walk in those woods



When it all comes together

A teacher of mine use to talk about something he called "a free painting". Those would come to exist almost without a thought, coming out of left field after working laboriously for days.
This is one of those. It reveled itself unannounced at the end of such a day.



A Man Going About His Business



Just Lines

This work explores meaning in elemental forms; points, scratches, lines and basic geometric shapes drawn by hand and organized in patterns.
The process leads me to small discoveries in a very narrow space.
I was initially interested as to how it must have felt in the early days of humanity for a person to suddenly draw a point maybe in the sand and then another point and end up connecting them with a line.




25 Spheres