AVS Gallery May 2018


"because the world is a living thing"

And mobiles are little weathervanes for our interiors that remind us of the air we breath.

And complete immobility is deadly, our world is full of it, surrounded as we are by too many walls.




I walk down a life not knowing much
Finding little things, a dog sees more
I hear big words and days go by
A smiling face, a blade of grass, water
To stop, to know that I can think, cry so much, laugh so hard
A cat will come and time will fly
I will eat and I will work, and look out, always
For one day she will show me the proper way to die


Things are one and things are two; or maybe more.
Things will grow and then will go.
And I will be there for just a while.
Trying to see what might not be
Something there that brings it all
And sometimes fails. Why not?


Sitting in a canoe, going downstream; water all embracing.
The river and I are having a conversation as to my chances of staying dry.
And she leads the way and gives me time to think.
So that I might be ready.
For soon she will be all and I no more.


I knew a man in the desert.
He drives a truck and has many names for all matters of sand.
He likes to talk and likes water.
Wells are sparse and far apart.
Yet this man will drink only from this one particular spring.
To him water is wine and he is a man of taste.



Running up the steps, two, three at the time, or four.
Almost trip; and fall.
Skipping down, what a lovely sound.
Being silly, being old.
With youth and light.
Can I still fly?


Shining and chipped, I like to see them still; and move a bit, just so.
I am not sure they like being caught in a web; would they rather go down?
I suppose eventually they will. Meanwhile tension keeps them up and they have each others company.
And as I watch and I know not what makes it so.
I can now lay and pray till all is quiet.


I can see them, unaware, telling stories.
Lots of fun and it never ends.
Each one a moment irreversibly gone.

Bags of plastic

You will see them everywhere, moved around by forces we cant control.
Drifting as jelly fish and tumbleweed. They have no aim.
We sucked them out of the land.
Made them be in all colors and shape. Made them pretty and practical.
They look so light yet never die. Many stories they could tell; if we only cared.
But now is past the time; from friends have become foes.
Flowing in our blood, they have become us; uninvited.
What can we do but hold them tight, love them strong, hear them sing.
And why not weave them into funny creatures, give them names and let them be.
While we take the time to love the evil in ourselves. I love.



It made itself over time.
Inadvertently it grew, became a life, invited all.
And holding tight with a bit of luck.
Became a perfect knot for our silly world.


There has to be a way.
Holding on to it; with my hand, my teeth, my dreams.
While it goes up and fast, where I do not know.
It has no sense and it feels quite good.
I look around at that distant world I love so much.
Where all seems right and I am apart.


It has been days. Braiding a rope out of my old bedsheets.
Torn into strips of very unequal strength.
My fingers are hurting and I am counting the days and then it is time.
Will it hold, will it save me, send me off, let me go.
No. It breaks, strand by strand, showing me what I could not hear.
Cohesion is tricky, under stress reveals itself to be or not so much.
It is not over. I will keep dreaming.
Of beautiful images and walking across a land that knows no border
And leave no tracks but the whisper of a song and the silly segment of a broken rope.


It sees a point and another, draws a line, falls in love.
It wants to stay and will surely fall, one day.
But now it sways, unperceptive.
Or so it seems; it has a friend with whom to hang.
All twisted up and very bright.
Both will dance yet never touch.
As they climb, the sky goes dark.
Water is found and fish to fry. While heaven sings.



AVS Gallery April 2017

I walked along the beach, the moon was high, it felt good.

A show about "natural" time, ebb and flow, what gets caught in between and how to retain meaning.






AVS Gallery May 2016


My latest work is concerned with exploring meaning in elemental forms; points, scratches, lines and basic geometric shapes drawn by hand and organized in patterns.
The process leads me to small discoveries in a very narrow space.
I was initially interested as to how it felt for the first people to draw a point and then another and finally connect them with a line.







AVS Gallery October 2015